Checklist for mixing/mastering

File delivery: 

Delivery of files via Dropbox, or as a .zip through WeTransfer or similar. Dropbox: please send me a mail for a “file request”, alexander@nailvillage.com

Please make sure all files are organised. 1 master folder named after your band name, 1 sub-folder per song, within each song folder there should be sub-folders to separate by category, for example, one folder for Vocals, one for Guitars, etc. If you want to you can also add more sub-folders to separate Backing Vocals from Lead Vocals, or Rhythm Guitars from Lead Guitars.

Include a MIDI file for me to import the tempos (if drums or bass are MIDI, then that should import it correctly).

Every track should be consolidated from zero until the end of the session. This is to make sure everything lines up correctly once it has been imported.

Please ensure that all mono tracks are sent as mono WAV files. Most files will be mono(guitar DIs, individual drum mics, vocal tracks, bass tracks). The only things that are usually stereo files are drum overheads\room mics, certain effects and synth tracks, and anything that was recorded with two mics.

If the drums are in MIDI, please include a MIDI map so I know which midi notes go to which drums.

Also, include a rough MP3 mixdown of the session for me to reference as I’m setting up my session. Feel free to include any songs from other bands that you want me to use as a mix reference.

Please send all files in the same sample rate\bit depth that they were recorded with(usually 44.1kHz\24-bit or 48kHz\24-bit).

If the files are not sent in the way I’ve laid out above, there will be additional charges added to your remaining balance.


24-bit, WAV or AIFF, 44.1kHz is the preferred standard.

Session formats: 

Protools formats accepted, but also OMF exports are accepted.
Other formats are of course bounced files in 24-bit WAV or AIFF, 44.1kHz/88.2kHz, all starting from 0:00. Please ask if in doubt.

Other info regarding files/tracks: 

Make sure you send consolidated tracks all starting from 0:00 if you’re not sending Protools or OMF sessions.


Include Tempo/Meter information if the track is recorded to a fixed tempo(s). This can be included in your ProTools Sessions, or as a midi file if delivering raw audio.


Every song should be in it’s own session or folder. 1 song means 1 session, 10 songs means 10 sessions. Please do not combine all your songs into one master session. All song folders should go into a single folder with either the band name, or band name and album title.


Name/label the tracks so there is no confusion of what it is. An example: KICK or BD. SN, HIHAT, GTR1, BASS DI, VOCAL or VOX etc.

Here’s an example of what NOT to do: KEVIN 1, RHODES 7, Royer 121 etc. It should be very clear what’s on the track, not who performed on the track.

Special printed effects: 

If you have a specific effect on i.e. guitars or vocals that you would like to be kept like that, make sure you make a bounce of the guitar WITHOUT effect and make a copy of that track WITH effect, so it’s easy to tell where you’re going with the effect. Same goes for vocal effects etc.

The obvious, but VERY important: 

Keep your sessions and files “tidy”. Check for clicks/tics etc. in transitions. Make crossfades if needed. Make sure vocals are tuned, drums are edited, and everything is “MIX READY”. I can of course help you with editing at an additional charge.

Don’t upload or send multiple session files of the same song. It has to be very clear that the uploaded session is the one that has to be used, and that all the tracks inside are for mix.


Many of the above things apply for a mastering session.
Send files via Dropbox, Wetransfer or similar.
Files must be stereo, 24-bit, WAV, 44.1kHz or 48kHz, or higher.

For stem mastering, please ask.