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Nailvillage is a recording studio and audio production company based in Borlänge, Sweden, catering to the hardcore, rock and metal clientele — owned and operated by me, Alexander Backlund. I record, mix and master albums for bands from all over the world, both signed and unsigned. I’ve worked with bands like Follow the Cipher, Faustus, Antarktis, The Memory Returns, Cryonic Temple, Thenighttimeproject and of course my own band, Letters from the Colony, and labels like Agonia, Nuclear Blast, Prosthetic and Scarlet Records.

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”Professional yet very down to earth guys. We spent a weekend tracking drums together, good times and awesome sounds. We’ll surely be getting back if they let us, the sooner the merrier!”

Björn Pettersson, Antarktis/In Mourning

Portfolio Check out this playlist of awesome bands I've worked with.

Currently booking for the fall of 2018. Looking for quality recording, mixing and mastering services? Hit me up!
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